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05/29/2014 Train overwhelms car in Catalano  . A woman dies , husband in serious condition at Gemelli

Gianfranco Lelmi

It was a beautiful sunny day , the train left Rome at 16.45 traveling fast, with a minimum delay . After the Catalan workshops, passed the first level crossing unattended, it was passing the second step towards Faleri .

About at 18:30, the bell and the warning lights came running, waiting cars , people who was training by " jogging "  stopped for the passage of the convoy . Suddenly, a car, a white Saxo conducted by Pierelli,  83 years old , decided to pass cars waiting to cross the railroad tracks, in spite of the people waiting, gesticulated to give up the driver to pass, warning him of the danger he ran.

The impact was terrible, even though the train was traveling at low speed, fully invested  the car, dragging it few meters, instantly killing the wife of the driver, Viola Carvetti of 79 years who was sitting next to the driver.

As unfortunately happens in these circumstances intervened : the 118 , the police , the fire brigade. The driver, in serious condition, was brought to Rome's Gemelli hospital with the air ambulance.

Much has been said, including the criticism , the picture of the body of the poor. The reporter , they said , he missed definitely of professional ethics.

Rome Reports raised doubts about an alleged departure " arbitrary of train ", ie , lacking the necessary permission of the Station Master of Civita Castellana (DU).

One thing is certain , too many accidents are happening.

In 2012 were six, in 2013 were thirteen , in 2014 three since the beginning of this year . The letter of January 10, 2014 of the head of the secretariat of the President Zingaretti (Lazio Region), stated: " We will Installed barriers and / or half-gates at railway crossings currently unprovided, expected time: six months; in collaboration with Atac is expected to increase the level of safety of all existing level crossings , expected time a year. "

Although it has been elapsed nearly six months, no improvement has been made .


DSCN1269        DSCN1270


Houses for sale in Catalan along the railroad


In fact new construction, new buildings, continue to flourish along the railroad, these homes once completed will increase the number of people that will cross the railroad tracks, without that municipalities have imposed to manufacturers the construction of underpasses or overpasses, de facto slowing the speed of the trains and the number of users.

The number of accidents is expected to grow exponentially.  

 On 102 kilometers in length, this railway has 170 level crossings along a path dotted with homes and residential centers that have sprung up without rules, without logic. The flow of traffic through the via Flaminia from Morlupo towards Rome is impressive, no one has thought to widen the road in the vicinity of level crossings without lights and sound signals, having only the sant ' andrea cross, to allow the crossing of the railroad with greater security.

Since 2007 incidents were forty , few people know that a train with its one hundred and fifty tons, traveling at sixty miles an hour, requires about three hundred meters before stopping. For drivers , driving these monsters, is a constant stress .

In the event of an accident, criminal investigations, lawyers, processes, moral trauma, make life difficult for those who live in the railway.

Nethertheless, someone of Atac  says that with two million of Euros would be enough to eliminate almost all of the crossing at grade existing on railway and to quit the delays that each convoy accumulates daily .

Since 2006, the huge project of doubling the railway, still do not talk about it , but nobody does anything and people continue to die because of inaction.

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