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The North Railway Rome
The train and its nature
Gianfranco Lelmi

In December 1906 it was opened to the public trarmway Rome - Civita Castellana. After major transformation, October 27, 1932 was inaugurated the railway Rome Viterbo. This link still proves to be vital.
On connection the Rome - Civita Castellana and the connection Civita Castellana - Viterbo, the train takes less time than the bus or car.
Unfortunately due to a lack regularity of racing between a train and the other, sometimes the sudden cancellation of services, especially in trafficking Civita Castellana - Viterbo, discourage number of travelers.
Lack of control anti-avoidance make this journey at a loss.
The convoys of 1932, which until last year (year 2011) worked, are now at the mercy of vandals in stations of Viterbo, Vitorchiano, Soriano nel Cimino, Fabrica di Roma. Four races have been eliminated from Civita Castellana and Viterbo in recent years, without considering that supply creates demand. This is happened on the Rome Capranica Viterbo, particularly in Cesano - Rome, where the frequency of trains is around 15 minutes and the number of travelers has led to incredible levels.
Although the extra urban line of  the North Rome Railway has only one track way and many level crossings unattended, with proper precautions, it could to speed up travel times, as it has happened on the railway Merano - Malles.
The views offered by the railway line Rome - Civita Castellana - Viterbo, especially in the second section, are incredible.
Time seems to have stopped, the Roman countryside of Lazio appears to the traveler in all its beauty. The view towards the Soratte is fascinating. The approach to Soriano nel Cimino shows a nature increasingly rich
Vignanello produces the white wine called "Trebbiano", the "Malvasia", the "Vernaccia".
Famous is the red, named "Sangenovese", "Ciliegiolo." In Vallerano you are beginning to see the chestnut, roasted chestnuts and chestnut abound. Soriano nel Cimino pay homage to this fruit characteristic of the Monti Cimini, the chestnut festival that takes place in the first and second weekend of October. In Bagnaia, with the passage of the train on the bridge that leads to the city's name: "Bridge Bagnaia" offers travelers an unforgettable sight.
We hope that this railway Civita Castellana - Viterbo, does not be dismantled (contrary to rumors) and that the ancient rolling stock, the old stations, their structures, are preserved from certain destruction. For real estate in particular, it is hoped that it will be respcted the ancient architecture.




The North Rome Railway - The train and its nature