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Collision between trains at La Celsa Celsa station, located after Prima Porta stop, two trains of Roma - Civita Castellana - Viterbo (ex Roma Nord) were buffered.
Fortunately, the accident did not take series features as the number of passengers at the time was not high, however, it complain more than fifty injured not serious, transported by ambulances and buses in various hospitals in the capital: Gemelli , Villa San Pietro, Sant 'Andrea. The accident from what is told, began as a result of malfunctioning of a door of a subway train line, stopped at the station of La Celsa. Another train of an extra urban line Roma - Viterbo, despite the slow speed and the futile attempts to braking, dabbed in the convoy stopped, not serious. The last car of the train stopped,  went off the rails and tilted 45 degrees, resulting in bending of the back. The driving train investor reported minor damage, so that the windshield remained intact, the staff of the railway remained unharmed.

Rome, April 23, 2010