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The new Vandals in Magliano Romano (Morlupo)

Everything was ready, the work had already begun to double the North Rome Railway until Sant'Oreste.
The Lazio region had given approval and funding. To Magliano Romano (Morlupo) was restored the old station, with the ticket office. Major exchange point, would be attended by staff of the railway.
After the restoration of the old building whose style dates back to the early 900's, the project was abandoned. So, began the looting, with hooliganism, followed by theft and destruction that even today, in October 2012, are continuing.

Do not understand why so much money was spent unnecessarily to the detriment of the taxpayer.

As they say, occurred in part what happened to Rome - Fiuggi, the railway sleepers were replaced and replaced the catenary masts, then, after having spent about two billion lire, the line was dismantled and no one has ever paid for this waste of public money.

Though the North Rome Railway dating back to the early 900's, despised by many, is even now vital. To reach center of Rome from Civita Castellana, it takes about an hour and a half, the train takes less of the bus (if the road is free).

From Civita Castellana to Viterbo, train takes less of the bus.

Also leaving the single railway track, doubling some parts for the crossing of trains, straightening curves with a radius less than 100 meters, eliminating or modernizing crossings, Lazio would have a very good connection non-polluting. Instead, as they say, for political reasons, power, is being given to road transport, ie the COTRAL. Sometimes with the train leaves the bus.
He understood the President of the Trentino Alto Adige region: Luis Durnwalder that
argues that

the future is in the public transport, the railway.

The supply creates demand, this is the reality. The railway Cesano - Rome offering a train every fifteen minutes or so, it is always overcrowded with travelers.

In Trentino, restored railroad Merano Malles with rhythmic trains every thirty minutes, travelers have grown enormously. Now the line is active.

Between Viterbo and Civita Castellana, in recent years have been removed four trains, The scheduling, also comes in three hours, the stations are crumbling and falling apart.
Some argue that in Trentino there is money to make all these beautiful projects while here
in Lazio
money is eaten or wasted.



The North Rome Railway - The new Vandals in Magliano Romano (Morlupo)