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Statement of Comitato Pendolari Ferrovia Roma Nord


Iím FABRIZIO BONANNI , spokesman of the Comitato Pendolari Ferrovia Roma Nord

And EXHIBITS as follows:

by day there are critical issues that are seriously damaging users commuter and specifically one that uses the railway Roma- Civita Castellana-Viterbo.

Tuesday, July 1, 2015 have been suppressed over 60 races between urban and suburban, bringing great discomfort to those who need to move by public transport.

The managing body ATAC, July 1 public a statement that begins like this:

"Issues related to individual behaviors map to start the automatic time and attendance. During the day today, the metro line B, the Rome-Viterbo and, more narrowly, the Rome-Lido and the line of the subway have been unexpected delays for the sudden unavailability of convoys or personal conduct. The phenomenon, which affected in particular the line B, seems to suffer from behavior related to the extension, in accordance with the provisions of the law on working time, also to the staff operating the experiment of automated time and attendance, however, already in use for the other personnel of the company. "

The following day (July 2) are deleted dozens of races and so on July 3, when we come to more than 70 rides suppressed. The same evening ,ATAC spreads a new press: "[...] The company has intervened promptly to limit the inconvenience of travelers and triggered a careful monitoring to assess whether current phenomena related to individual initiatives as noted on Wednesday 1 in July, due to application also the operations staff of the automatic time and attendance, which is already in use for the other personnel of the company [...] "

So we have reason to suspect that these cancellations of services will not end soon and who loses is always the user commuter paying, which has a service worthy of a civilized country, because of the struggles within the company to which the user must remain apart and must not suffer the consequences.

We are collecting daily the many complaints of users who pay a ticket or pass and find themselves without trains. Those few who travel in addition to being old and dirty, filthy, crowded, no air conditioning, no bathrooms. In these hot days we will reach 40 degrees in Rome during the day and traveling in extreme physical conditions.

We think that a visit to an ASL of those trains can truly mean the closure of the line indefinitely.

The suppression of these days extend the already large problem of a management: new stations and unopened, trains older and vandalized, abandoned parking lots and users victims of theft and damage to parked cars, tariff evasion unchecked, garrison stations and trains virtually nonexistent, except for a few brave officers, increasingly isolated. It is not a guaranteed service, even minimal. But users PAY for it.

In a few months it will be the Jubilee of Mercy in Rome, but that paltry figure will make the capital of Italy where tourists will find this tragedy? We all we have to be ashamed for what they will see and suffer, using our line.

We therefore ask that you seriously investigate the causes that are blocking our trains and for clarification. Who is wrong because it MUST pay SHAME that the internal problems of the way we go hundreds of thousands of users, including children, elderly and disabled.

There are all grounds to a complaint of interruption of public service, as well as a civil suit for compensation.

We collected evidence on inefficiency and other documentation, we are available to the authorities for sharing the material.

We look forward to kind reply and ask to be informed in case of filing of this complaint.


Rome, july 4 ,2015 WEB:

EMAIL: [email protected]