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89-New service changes on the extra urban railway, increase the bid. Maybe it's just an illusion. The speeches of the users of the railway.



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New service changes on the extra urban railway, increase the bid
Maybe it's just an illusion. The speeches of the users of the railway


Gianfranco Lelmi


The new Director of ATAC, Roberto Diacetti, looks good.

Among the many promises, the revival of Ogr (Workshop major revisions), the production cycle should also include Saturday and Sunday, eight hours of work are inadequate, he says the company organization chart it must be changed.

Then here it is the news, the new timetable North Rome Railway, from November 2, 2012,

offering increases, here the changes on the extra urban way, this gives the ATAC:

-Delayed train 806 Civitacastellana-Viterbo (departure 15.09, arrival 10.25 with a stop all



-new train RC6 Rome-Civitacastellana (departure 10:22, arrival 11:46 with a stop at all stations except Campi Sportivi, Monte Antenne, Tor di Quinto, Two Bridges, Grottarossa, Rai Centre, Labaro, La Giustiniana). Probably replaces the train from Rome of 9.50 hours.

-new train 302 Montebello-Viterbo (departure at 10:10, arrival at 12.30 with stop  all stations)


-new train 408 Vignanello-Viterbo (departure 13:30 arrival 14:09 with a stop all stations)
Probably replaces the bus that departed from Civita Castellana at 11.48 and reached Viterbo, Civita at 12.58, now running suppressed.

- Deleted train 402 between  Viterbo and Vignanello
That is, the train leaving from Vignanello at  8,35 and arrived in Viterbo at 9.13 has been deleted

Between Viterbo and Rome
-new train 301  between Viterbo and Montebello (departure at 7.33, arrival 9:50 with stops all stations).
Before reached  Vignanello

-new train between 801 and Viterbo, Civita (departure at 08.01 arrival 10.09 with a stop at all stations).
Probably replace  train from Viterbo  7,52 and arriving in Civitacastellana   at 09.00

-new train 407 between Viterbo and Vignanello (departure at 12:40, arrival 14:18 with stops all stations).
Probably replace the bus departing from Viterbo at 13.49 arriving in Vignanello at 15.00.


All these changes will risk jumping early, as some travelers told aware of the problems of the line, the trains are few and very old, subjected to additional stress, begin to suffer from more work. If new trains not come soon , the good intentions will remain only on paper.

Catalano, they say, has the roof of workshop  with a hole for years, when it rains workers must stop work. Fortunately, it seems that will begin early replacement of the roofs of the sheds. However, the good programs mentioned above, concerning Ogr (workshops great reviews) is expected not to cover Catalano.

It is believed that in Viterbo, as happened in Rome and in other stations, it will go operating the new anti-avoidance turnstiles . Travelers say, that are useless, the Portuguese continue to pass the same, in the lane reserved for staff,  it is necessary only more spot checks on the line. Anti-avoidance turnstile, only ruin the architecture of the old stations, such as Piazzale Flaminio.

In Vitorchiano, as some travelers were telling, there is no money to repair the bathrooms at the station (about 5000 euro), but someone  thinks to replace the fence outside the station still working and original, with an ugly metal grill to expense of the old architecture of the station.

In Magliano Romano, the station recently restored, is in pitiful state and it is in the hands of vandals.

In Fabrica di Roma the station is falling to pieces, in early October it have been downloaded a few


thousand of old sleepers, which, they say, were unsuitable for the railroad. What will?

In the same station, dozens of people, not to pay  ticket, stay for hours, waiting for  trains, knowing that no check is performed.

The ALSTOM in service, extremely heavy for certain types of sleepers, during snowfall or strong perturbations, stop, because the snow and the water enter in the cooling system and send  electrical short circuit card out of order. Some say that the axes of the carriages are too far apart and increase the consumption of the rails and the wheels of the trains, causing the slowdown of convoys in curve. What do you say the ATAC on this one?


 P: S

The present work has been submitted to ATAC. The following shows the date, time, forwarding and protocol number assigned  by the recipient. If the answer will be herein after will be attached.

             Report no. 00056320/2012 sent to ATAC on 05/11/2012 0re 14.31