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It seems have been missed the agreement ATAC-Cotral

As reported by the blog the world of trains (October 25.2012), it appears that the agreement for train substitute services carried out by COTRAL:

-Bus 808-Civita Castellana - Viterbo hours 11.48
-Bus 805 Viterbo - Civita Castellana hours 13.49
-Bus 2-Montebello - Sant'Oreste hours, 21.20
-Bus 1 Sant'Oretse - Montebello hours of 22.05

is skipped for "economic" reasons

And yet on Viterbo News 24, April 14, 2011, an official ATAC showed the following: "The trains are few, and because of two accidents that have sidelined 4 means of transportation, the number was further reduced. The contract for the purchase of ten new trains, it is not successful, then continue to use trains dating back to 1939. The need for a comprehensive review currently underway, requires daily miss of another means of the one few available. From here, therefore, to the need to require the activation of COTRAL races replacement " (by bus).
And yet on 24 January 24 2011, on "Italy" about the financing of the North Railway Rome, the Democratic Party of Riano stated: "It 's absolutely necessary that the Lazio Region commitments the Europea Commission on the project  on Railway Rome - Civita Castellana - Viterbo, noting that work on the regional transport system, means to meet the objectives envisaged within the Community to strengthen regional competitiveness." "Reduce the funds allocated to public transport is synonymous with a lack of knowledge of the area, its problems and its needs, especially in recent years when the number of commuters using the railways of  Lazio has soared and is still in expansion, especially in the area between Vejo and the Tiber Valley. "
Also must be considered that an increase of 15% hit in May 2012, the cost of tickets and subscriptions to be paid by transport users. The Portuguese are continuing to increase despite the anti-avoidance barriers. Many felt they were unnecessary since it is easily avoidable passing in the spaces reserved for the staff of the railway, also seriously affect the architecture of the old stations. According to some, more checks from time to time on board convoys, estimates would recover much more than ten million euro per year that would result from the installation of turnstiles.




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