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The north Rome Railway


Dismantling technical tests

 or rather reflections of a traveler


 Gianfranco Lelmi



 About the future of this railway a traveler sitting before me begins: "Dear sir, you did not understand that if we delay from Viterbo and it often happens, the train to Rome leaves from Catalan anyway.  Former 701, 703, 707, 711, 713, were direct trains from Viterbo which covered the entire route to Rome;  They have rehearsed this move to   suppress the aforementioned trains, to discourage users of Viterbo is to use the railway.  Now there are from Viterbo the 801, 803, 805, 809, 811.817, 823. Some of these trains give you a few minutes to catch the next train headed for the Capital.  If there is more than three minutes late, there is no possibility of escape, you lose the coincidence.  Especially at night, if the 21.12 train arrives late after the time, the next part though.  It comes to the absurd that if the convoy where you travel has more than 3 minutes late, coming from Viterbo, the train coming from Rome and should continue to Viterbo so, they do go back.  So passengers traveling to Rome lose the train.  The traveler or sleeps in Catalan, if not go home, because there are no alternatives.

Travelers with the annual subscription, you can treat it?  Leave him on foot.  It is for complaint.  If they did something like this in the Roman way, they would not have got away.

With the fragmentation of the railway, they made big damage.  Are creating discomfort in every sense, this brings "abandonment" by users.

You see, sir, (continues my interlocutor), the Lazio region, with the excuse of removing the fast train, that is, direct trains to Rome, they have done away the convoys with numbering 700. So they put up the 800 from Viterbo to Catalan and 600 from Catalan to Rome, although it is often the same train that makes Viterbo Rome.  They did it with the intention of showing to the citizens, that the delays that were there before, due to all the anomalies that are on the line, as it happens, with your magic wand, now disappeared.  They lengthened journey times, especially Catalan in Rome.  Catalan to Rome there are no existing slowdowns in trafficking Viterbo Civita Castellana, so many trains that depart from Catalan to Rome are forced to stop at the stations because they are in advance. Between Faleri and Catalan the speed is 40 kilometers. "

Continues my interlocutor: "The train from Viterbo when arrives in Catalan, very often, makes stops even half an hour to Catalan.

They have never put a penny on this route (Civita Castellana Viterbo).

About the poles replaced in Vitorchiano, Bagnaia, they created a second center line, the substation could not work, jumped the load, the trains stopped.  They resolved, in my opinion, part of the problem.  With spending that they have made, there did the catenary.  Or if they had simply replaced the old worn wire with a new one would they have solved the problem by paying much less.

 Specify my "neighbor", also may entrust existing railway tollgates, on loan for use;  on the contrary they prefer to send them to ruin.  The Magliano Romano station had been completely renovated, they sent her to the dogs, same to that of Vallerano.

I repeat, it is a sure thing, studied at the table, they want to dismantle trafficking Viterbo - Civita Castellana.

There, it have been some slight improvements, some rail road sleepers and poles of the contact line were renewed.  But there is still much to do.  Urgently it must be replace rail road sleepers between Falerii and Catalan, in order to have convoys over forty kilometers and replace several rail road sleepers located on a bridge before the station of Soriano nel Cimino.

From about seven years, we do not see a profiling and a tamping machine, before these device were done every 6 months. "

Followed to say he expert: "No one can forget those involved in the railway during the night that controlled the route of the train: Micci Franco armament officer, Micci Concept oversaw trafficking to Soriano nel Cimino - Vignanello, Micci Vittorio for trafficking in Saint Lucia .  Now this task is no longer done.  Only passion, love for this railroad, it made travel and still make travel the trains.  The hard work of the Chief Train Micci Bruno, Enzo Vaselli, station master Giuseppe Micci that was in service in Viterbo and many others, made ​​and make a vital service to the community. "